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Gissur Simonarson — @GISSISIM

I'm the old man of the group - I've been working as a web designer/developer for 16 years and a huge tech geek in general. I've always been really interested in world events, and especially geopolitical struggles and conflicts. I’ve used social media a lot in my IT career to gather information on the latest web development trends etc., but I soon began to see the huge potential it had for breaking news stories and covering conflicts where reporters are not able to go. So after a while of just being a big news enthusiast, I decided to use my passion for news to create Conflict News, and try to shed some light on conflicts around the world that are far too under-reported.

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Michael Cruickshank — @MJ_CRUICKSHANK

I'm a 25-year-old freelance journalist based in Berlin. As well as having a professional interest in the news, knowing what is going on in the world and communicating it with others is also a point of personal pride for me. At Conflict News, I have been able to put my news-gathering skills to the test and - alongside the rest of the team - have managed to find ways to beat the mainstream media at their own game.

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Kyle Glen — @K_JG1992

I'm a 22-year-old social media editor from Wales. I became interested in the influence social media had during the Arab Spring, and then as a result the Syrian civil war. Over the last few years I have followed wars closely through social media before joining the Ukrainian Conflict team in March 2014, and from there we created the Conflict News account and related subreddit/website.

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Julia Joan Arciga — @juliaarciga

Currently based in Washington, D.C., I work to bring United States foreign policy to the forefront of the international political conversation - with a particular specialization on the MENA region. I hope to eventually become a force in expanding the foreign affairs focus in the American news cycle, and to cultivate more interest in issues beyond domestic politics. While I was born in the Philippines, I consider myself an American first and foremost. I strive to expand CN's original reporting operation as well as developing/expanding the current mediums we use.

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Erielle SAKREKOFF DelzeR — @erielledelzer

I aspire to become a leading journalist reporting on global affairs and international politics, with a focus/specialization in Eurasia. While originally from the US, I have strong Russian heritage and am currently based in Paris. I can speak in English, Russian and French, thus I help Conflict News with the Eur-Asian world and all that is going on there. A frequent traveler, I hope to help the team expand our reporting to the field and to the realm of video.

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Derek Bisaccio — @derekbisaccio


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