Usud al-Sharqiya commander killed by unknown gunmen in Dumayr

By Oliviero Reusser

Damascus - In the early hours of July 7th, Usud al-Sharqiya commander Khalid Mahmoud Aadiyah was assassinated by unknown gunmen in the Dumayr pocket. The official accounts of the US-backed opposition group, active in the Dumayr pocket and eastern Qalamoun pocket aswell as southern Syria, announced its martyrdom later in the day. 

It is likely that this assassination was either carried out by an ISIS sleeper cell, which until recently retained a frontline with the opposition groups in this pocket, or by a internal dissident within the groups rank itself, or a close affiliate. There have been rumours of ceasefire and reconciliation talks between the opposition pocket and the Syrian government for months now. It is possible that this specific commander was part of these talks and was targeted for his personal opinion on the matter. There is also a possibility that government spies or agents carried out the assassinations in order to accelerate the reconciliation.