Syrian government forces prepare for new offensive east of Salamiyah

By Josko Baric (Twitter)

Syrian Arab Army's and allied militas' convoys of reinforcements keep arriving to area around Al-Salamiyah, as a new offensive against the Islamic State is expected to be launched soon in the area. The offensive is apparently going to be led by Desert Hawks Brigade, joined by regular army units and other allied militas. 


Earlier this month, area east of Al-Salamiyah saw advances by SAA & allies, which captured several localities from the Islamic State around the Shumariya mountains south of Jubb al-Jarah. This strategic mountain will most likely be used as staging area for the upcoming offensive against ISIS, who are deeply entrenched in the mountaineous areas and will likely put up heavy resistance.

Mostly uninhabited area east of Al-Salamiyah has been a thorn in SAA's side for years, giving the Islamic State the ability to launch raids on supply routes and keep slight pressure on important cities, such as Homs, Palmyra and Hama. The route east of Al-Salamiyah is also the main IS' supply route for captagon pills in Syria. Syrian security forces occasionally bust a cell or detain a vehicle carrying enormous amount of pills destined for Islamic State's fighters.

General situation east of Salamiyah. Source: Global Event Map

General situation east of Salamiyah. Source: Global Event Map