ISIS-Affiliated Khalid ibn al-Waleed army reinstate new leadership

By Eray Fox

The ISIS-Affiliated Jaish Khalid ibn al-Waleed group changed their leadership after suspected US-led coalition airstrikes killed their leader, Abu Tim Enkhl, appointed as emir on the 28th of June. The new emir is called ''Abu Ali al-Nasir''

Picture: Abu al al-Nasir

Picture: Abu al al-Nasir

Abu Ali al-Nasir is the new leader after the three previous ones were killed in the last few months, most by unidentified airstrikes on high-level leadership meetings in the Yarmouk basin. Al-Nasir was a fighter before and was captured during clashes in the town of Hayt by opposition forces of the Free Syrian army 6 months ago, before being exchanged for seven Free Syrian army fighters.

The new leadership:

  1. Emir: is Abu Ali Al-Nasir
  2. Military leader: Karem al-Masri
  3. 2nd military leader: Abo Kefah Issawi
  4. Main judge: Abo Ali Shubat
  5. Finance leader: Abo Muhmad Jubab
  6. Responsible for arangements and delivering the recruits: Abo Hussen Nasryehr
  7. Recruitments: Abudl Razaq Abo Ayman
  8. Security emir: Waleed al Naasan
  9. Vice emir for security: Ibrahim Abo Khtab (ex lieutenant)
  10. Armors/vehicles emir: Inas al buridi
  11. Quseer area leader: Usama Aziz
  12. Jalin area leader: AlKifah
  13. Ain Thaker area leader: Marwan AlSudi
  14. Management and military cooridnator: Abo Jaber al-Shaikh   

The ISIS-Affiliated Jaish Khalid ibn al-Waleed group has been attacking opposition forces in western Daraa province for months. On the 20th of February, 2017, Jaish Khalid ibn al-Waleed launched a offensive against the opposition forces - which were engaged in fierce fighting with government forces in the city of Daraa - taking several towns held by opposition forces. The latest offensive was launched in mid-August, but was repelled by local opposition forces. This is atleast the third major leadership reshuffle by the local ISIS affiliate and it remains to be seen just how much longer it manages to hold out if all its senior leadership constantly gets killed. However its also questionable how effective its local opposition enemies are in capturing territory from the group.

In a response sent by E-Mail, a spokesperson for the CJTF-OIR anti-ISIS coalition said that they do not operate in the Daraa region, indirectly denying the airstrikes. This raises the further question of who carried out those strikes; any Israeli or Jordanian air activity over Syria would have not gone unreported and Russia or Syria rarely strike the ISIS militants in that area, as they do not share a frontline with other govenment forces. 

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