Government forces continue advance east of Salamiyah and capture Tarfawi village

By Oliviero Reusser

In the latest push in the eastern Homs countryside, government forces captured the village of "Tarfawi", located roughly 30km southeast of Salamiyah city. Tarfawi is a small village of a few dozen houses, captured by ISIS in July 2016 from Syrian government forces.

The capture comes a day after the announcement of control over the nearby village of as-Salihiyah, located just east of it. ; However, later reports suggested that government forces conducted a tactical retreat from the village or that they were pushed out of it by ISIS after a counterattack; the exact situation is unknown, but the village is likely to be under government control and will be sooner than later.

The map below shows the situation in the area. The goal of the offensive is likely to eventually capture the town of Uqayribat, the logistical hub for ISIS in much of the Homs region.

Situation in eastern Salamiyah after recent advances. via

Situation in eastern Salamiyah after recent advances. via