Explosion rocks government-held T4 Airbase in Homs

By Naveed Malekafzali (Twitter)

Homs - An explosion in an ammunition depot rocked the government-held Tiyas Airbase, otherwise known as T4, in Tiyas, Homs, the largest airport in Syria. The ammunition depot explosion was reported to have occurred just after midnight at the airbase.The T4 airbase is located just over ninety kilometers west of the capital city of the province, far in the desert countryside.

No government troop casualties have been reported as of yet, but information is still coming in as of the writing of the report. Initial reports pinned the explosion as being the handiwork of a newly created "Mu'tah Islamic Movement", but it was later found that the reports were false, including the entire group's existence being a fabrication. No rebel group has officially taken responsibility for the explosion at this time. The explosion has been blamed by some on the inside temperature of the depot itself, though this has yet to be verified.

Undated satellite image of the T4 Airbase in the countryside of Homs.

Undated satellite image of the T4 Airbase in the countryside of Homs.

The T4 Airbase has never come under the control of any opposition group, but came extremely close to being overrun by ISIS forces during the 4th Palmyra Offensive of December 2016, when the organization's fighters came within a kilometer's distance of besieging the airport itself after almost entirely the surrounding the base, save for the western flank.