Car bomb explodes in Euphrates Shield-held 'Azaz, Aleppo

By Naveed Malekafzali (Twitter)

Aleppo - A car bomb has exploded outside of the Educational Complex in 'Azaz, Aleppo, killing 2 and injuring 5.

No organization has taken responsibility for the car bomb attack yet, but there is heavy speculation that ISIS sleeper cells, which has seen an uptick in activity in both Euphrates Shield and HTS-held areas. Kurdistan24, a news network with significant connections to the ruling party of Iraqi Kurdistan, originally reported the car bomb attack as being an ISIS attack.

'Azaz has been attacked with a car bomb before, in January of this year. The attack in question happened in front of the city courthouse, which was also adjacent to a market. The bomb killed 60, and injured 50 others. While the attack was blamed on an ISIS sleeper cell hiding in the city, the organization never officially claimed responsibility.

Following a recent string of both successful and attempted bomb attacks in HTS-held areas of Idlib province, the Islamist rebel organization held a mass raid on suspected ISIS cells, claiming to have dismantled over 30 of them and capturing their alleged leader. No such raids have yet to happen in areas controlled by the Turkish-led Euphrates Shield operation forces.