al-Bunian al-Marsous operation room exchanges bodies with government forces in Daraa

By Oliviero Reusser

Daraa - Yesterday, government forces and the operation room called "al-Bunian al-Marsous" exchanged bodies of killed fighters. The government forces handed over eleven bodies, while the opposition operation room gave out 13 bodies. The victims ensued during fighting in the city of Daraa, more specifically the neighborhood of al-Manshiyah and the eastern area near the Palestinian refugee camp in the city, both of which have seen some fierce fighting since the beginning of this year.

Location of Manshiyah neighborhood in western Daraa city, via wikimapia

Location of Manshiyah neighborhood in western Daraa city, via wikimapia

The official media accounts of al-Bunian operation room released the names of the eleven bodies they retreaved within the exchange: عبد الرحمن  الحريري (Abdul Rahman al-Hariri), محمد  الحريري (Muhammad Hariri), قاسم الحريري (Qasem al-Hariri), أنس كليب أبو مالك (Anas Kylab Abu Malik), محمد ذوقان مصطفى الحميد (Muhmmad Duqan Mustafa al-Hamid), زياد محمود أبازيد (Ziad Mahmoud Abazid), احمد عارف المحاميد (Ahmad Arif al-Mahamid), موسى خالد الشباك (Musaa Khalid al-Shabab), ابو محمد الشامي (Abu Muhammad al-Shami),  عماد النابلسي (Emad al-Nabulsi),  يوسف ابو نبوت ابويعقوب (Yousef Abu Nabout Abu Yaqoub). 

The al-Bunian al-Marsous operation room was formed earlier this year in order to capture the al-Manshiyah neighborhood in the western areas of Daraa city. It is strategic as full control over this neighborhood allows control over the areas near the Jordanian border. If the government forces controlled this area, they could attack the border and the nearby Air Defence base, putting them just 3km away from the border crossing to the Jordanian city of al-Ramtha. The operation room consists of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Ahrar al-Sham (AAS) aswell as many smaller Free Syrian Army factions aswell as local groups. 

Al-Bunian media released this video on the occasion of the body exchange.