Dozens of FSA factions merge under the name "Division 63" in Quneitra

By Eray Fox

Opposition members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) announced on the morning of the 17th of August that more than 12 armed groups will merge under the name ''Division 63'' in Quneitra province.

Picture of the meeting and formation announcement

Picture of the meeting and formation announcement

Brigadier General Yahya al-Abadi, newly appointed commander of Divison 63, said in a statement that ''Divison 63 was formed after a long discussion with leaders of several factions in the area of Quneitra, adding that the division include a large amount of dissident officers including high ranking military officers." Yahya al-Abadi also claimed that one of the most important reasons of this merger is '"to stand firmly against the humiliation of the revolution'' and to overthrow the Syrian government. Furthermore, security and safety will also be increased in areas held by Divison 63 through better cooperation.

Some of the factions which are part of Division 63: Ousud al-Rahman, Fajr al-Sham, the Abu Dujana brigade, Jaafar al-Tayaar, Ahrar al-Yarmouk, Al-Hazm, Al-Rahman brigade, Shuhadaa al-Janoub, Liwa al-Shaheed Abdulraheem, Special operation brigade and the Artillery division. Over 30 officers are part of divison 63, most from Quneitra.

This newest merger in southern Syria comes amid various other unifications in the area, as the groups realise the need to unite further and do so. This has possibly also to do with the fact that their neighbor country, Jordan, has atleast partially stopped supporting them and thus the need for cooperation between the factions on the ground needs to improve.