LIVE FEED: Ankara Bombing

Reports are coming in of a large explosion in central Ankara, Turkey. At least 27 people are reported dead and over 70 wounded.  This page will be periodically updated with information on the latest developments. 

First reports came in around 18:50 local time:

First images began arriving several minutes later:

Alleged video of the moment of the explosion:

Video footage of the aftermath, filmed by CNN Turk

More footage of the aftermath of the explosion:

The Turkish government reportedly initiated a broadcast ban on the bombing approximately an hour after it occurred. 

Also reports that social media services are being disrupted following the attack:

First reports of the number of dead and wounded coming in: 

Death toll now being reported higher:

The bombing appears to have been a VBIED (Car Bomb) attack according to government sources:

An emergency meeting of the Turkish Government has reportedly been convened: 

As more details comes in, this page will continue to be updated.